Dec 15, 2008

Meruborune Street Report: Japanese Street Report meets Fashion Hayley

Today's post is special Melbourne street report. As Fashion Hayley blogged, Hayley took me cool spots in Melbourne, and I was impressed by Melbourne street styles.
There were two types of styles especially caught my eyes.

One is colorful-look(1, 2, 3, 4: the numbered images are related styles for getting the ideas Melbourne Street Fashion seems not to provides permanent link for each pics).
I guess the "color" comes from vintage items. Some Japanese prefer to use Kawaii color(mixed vivid color) , but the one I found in Melbourne is different usage of colors. It was interesting.

Another is all-black-looks, so called Melbourne rock(1, 2, 3).
Melbourne rock styles impressed me when I went to a night club. Even if the club doesn't requires dress codes, most cool people wear black clothings and some jewelries to distinguish others. One women wears black clothing with full-body skull necklace.

Generally speaking, when I walk around town to check out street fashion, specific items caught my eyes are high wasted skirt(1)/denim(1), wide belt, color frame sunglass(1, 2), a variety of colored/patterned dresses.

Some similar looks I found on the street may be found at and drop which are Japanese street style site providing FRUiTs-type street styles photos. But, I got a lot of inspirations from people haing original styles in Melbourne.

There are many chill cafe in Melbourne.

A guy on off-street

Off-street grafffiti


Fashion Hayley said...

Heya. Great post. The links to Melbourne street don't work though. Oh and I know all about the Tarako song!

Fashion Hayley said...

Hey. Some of the links did work. I think the problem was you were using pics that you had favourite'd and using those links because the links that didn't work had "favlinks" or something in the URL? Does that make sense?