Dec 1, 2008

Harajuku - 11/29/2008 : beret, bonbon(fur ball) and fur items.

Gold button coat, beret and boots decorated with fur and bonbon(fur ball).

bonbon beret
Inner parka with bonbon and beret


Beret decorated with white beads.

Arab scarf and fur boots
beanie with bonbon
Fur hat
Fur hat with bonbon and bonbon boots

Fur hat
Fur parka
Fur hooded long cardigan
Leather jacket with fur
Pea coat with fur


Fashion Hayley said...

Ohhhh it must be getting cold. It's so hot here now. What date do you get here again (I forget)? Are you excited?

nashi said...

Yeah, Tokyo is rapidly getting cold these day. I'm looking forward to get summer sunlight in Australia!
I gonna to move to Dec 11. I sent an e-mail about more detail.