Feb 20, 2009

Shinjuku - 2/15/2009

Stadium jumper


High waist belt

Natural color item

Frill skirt


Gabriela Francuz said...

I've got some advice:
It would be better, if you ask people for photos, to pose you. And If you try to light on the photos because I can't see clearly what's on them.
And please, correct my link - my country isn't PoHland, but Poland ;-)
Best regards,

Gabriela Francuz said...

And thanks for links to japanese street fashion on the right - I have to write some article about it and it'll be useful for me. :-)
Do you know more www's about japanese fashion?

Anonymous said...

another great post!

i'm loving this blog


sending postcards said...

this is absolutely my new favorite site. i love how people in japan dress... this makes me miss tokyo! i'm adding a link of this site to my page.. hope you don't mind!

HimeHood said...

WOW! i just found this site and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a big fan of street fashion, i think the Gyaru and magazine styles are too much for everyday wear.

i can look here for inspiration! its stylish and blends in with normal society!

thank you for your pictures, i've searched everywhere for these kinds of photos!! ^______^

Anonymous said...

I have only been to Japan once and was overwhelmed by the fashions, the sense of personal style. I cannot wait to go back.
Thanks for creating this blog,

カルラ said...

your website is very fashionable!!!


Valeria said...

great to see the most uncomformist styles!!very intresting blog


Immelia said...

ohhh,I like plenty of these outfits.maybe you should ask them if they could pose for you?
But I never do it,too,because I'm always to shy....very comprehensible :)