Nov 5, 2007

First post

Hello everyone! I'm a Japanese guy who love to watch a street style around the world. As you know blog such as The sartorialist and Face Hunter which post street style is popular , but I 'm wondering why there are few such blogs which post Japanese style. Now, I decide to start the blog. The idea is simple. I snap street styles and post them to this blog. There are variety of styles in Japan as Style bubble mentions. I will not pick only specific style and try to catch a variety of styles upon request. So, please leave a message or e-mail me if you want to watch specific style. Also, you can visit some Japanese style sites I put on sidebar. I'm neither a fashion student nor native speaker of English. I hope you guys will forgive poor expressions.

Anyways, let's start with snaps for this time.


Fashion Hayley said...

I think the girl in pink with the black leather jacket is my friend Yuki. I am 99% sure it is her. She is carrying a bag from my friends shop Candy which is in Shinjuku ni-chome. I wish you could show faces. Did I ever met you when I lived in Japan? I am coming back in January for a short visit. I can't wait I miss it so much. Tokyo is the BEST! I love it and miss it so much.

nashi said...
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nashi said...

> Fashion Hayley
I enjoy your blog, and I'm happy to get a comment from a one of my favorite blogger.
I've never meet you. I found your blog through walking around web sites related to street style.

I don't know Yuki, but I know the name spank girl. I just snapped eye-catching people in Harajuku. I'm lazy person and didn't get permission from models, so I cannot show their faces.

I know Tokyo is one of exciting city in the world in terms of fashion, but I noticed there are variety of styles around the world. Recently, I found that people in Israel are good at color coordination. The way they use colors in outfits is different from Japanese do although some Japanese wear colorful outfits, so-called Kawaii-style.

These Israelis wear beautiful blue outfits.